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Дебар Spa

 Debar Spa is only 2km away from Debar, and at the same time, its powerful springs are close to Banjiste. The total amount of the jets water is 70 litres per second, while the temperature of the mineral water is 40°C. The sulphuric thermal water springs up with numerous bubbles of carbon dioxide in one basin, also known as the "An Iron Basin". According to the research data of experts the composite parts of mineral water are as follows: calcium, sulphate and hydro-carbon. It is considered that this very rare spa ranges, can cure rheumatism, skin diseases, gynaecological complaints and other problems. Pleasant surroundings with the slopes of mount Desan and the adequate altitude of 650m above sea level, will contribute to Debar spas becoming a significant place not only for cures but for recreation as well.

Цена од : 44.65 €